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Digital Imaging Workshops

Digital Photography is a two step process:

These workshops target the second step in this process.

As CapturedAfter Conversion in ACR

Learn how to turn this "as captured" low contrast blah image into a high contrast image that has impact.

The sessions in our Digital Imaging Workshops have once again been reorganized. The sessions will still be offered during 2 hour sessions, once a week. However, the sessions have been split into two separate workshops. These classes can be taken separately or in conjunction with one another.

  The two workshops are:

Most professional and serious amateur photographers capture images in their camera’s Raw format. There are a number of reasons for this. The strongest is that they are not limited to the interpretation of the file made by the camera, with it’s settings, at the time of capture.

The Image Management & Raw Workflow workshop if for students who want to get their image collection organized and to learn how to get the most out of their image files during raw conversion using either Adobe Bridge/ACR or Lightroom. (Note: this workshop has been revised and now focus on using Lightroom as a Image Management and Raw Processing tool.) See Mastering Lightroom for more details.

 The Essential Photoshop for Photographers workshop focuses on basic retouching and making tonal and color adjustments in a non-destructive way, creating a Master Image File. And finally we will cover how to re-purpose the Master Image File to produce various types of output all in a color managed workflow. See Essential Photoshop for Photographers for more details.

This year I've added a new Digital Imaging class, Advanced Raw Workflow with Lightroom and/or Adobe Camera Raw. In this class we will delve deeper into some topics and covers a few more "advanced" features in ACR/LR Develop Module. Click Advanced Raw Workflow for more details.