Steve Fredrick Photography

Mastering Lightroom:
Image Management & Raw Workflow 

Chester County, PA

A good workflow is an efficient process that that allows you to quickly and easily move images from the camera to a form that can be shared with others. While most photographers develop their own unique workflow to meet their needs, all include some variation of the following steps:

  1. Image capture
  2. Storing and organizing
  3. Optimization
  4. Sharing

You will not only learn Lightroom, you will also lean how to optimize your unique workflow and to implement it using Adobe Lightroom 5. If you are not already using Lightroom you will wonder how you survived without it. If you are already using Lightroom you will learn how to use it to implement an streamlined workflow. This workshop will help you work smarter, not harder!

LightroomLogoThis workshop is dedicated to using Lightroom 5 to implement a Raw Workflow and will concentrate on the Library and Develop Modules. The Library Module is used to implement the front end of a digital photography workflow: importing, sorting, and cataloging. The Develop Module is based on Adobe Camera Raw and is a Parametric Editor that provides totally nondestructive editing. In addition to being able to make global tone and color adjustments local adjustments, like dodging and burning small areas is possible. With the range of adjustments possible in Lightroom 5's Develop Module most images do not need further editing in a pixel based editor like Photoshop.

This workshop includes lectures/demonstrations of each topic with lots of time for hands on practice and individual instruction.  We will start with an overview of the elements of a workflow. Following a workflow will allow you to identify the strongest images and only invest time working on those strong images. We will then see how to use Lightroom to implement that workflow. We will use the Import Module to store images in an organized manner and to make Lightroom aware of them. We will then cover using the Library Module to managing those images. For those images that warrant the effort, we will cover how to make tonal and color adjustments. applied either globally or localized in the Develop Module.  Since the introduction of the ability to make localized color and tonal adjustments inside the Develop Module many images do not need further enhancement inside Photoshop.

The schedule and topics to be covered each evening of this workshop are below:

Session 1 Introduction, Workflow Overview,
Intro to Lightroom, Import Module,
Library Module Part 1
Jan. 22
Session 2 Managing images:
Library Module Part 2
Jan. 29
Session 3 Develop Module:
Essential Global Adjustments
Feb. 5
Session 4 Develop Module:
Local Adjustments
Feb. 12
Session 5 Advanced Develop Module;
Intro to Output Modules
Feb. 19

To take full advantage of the hands on sessions each student should have a laptop with Lightroom 5 loaded.   

Mastering Lightroom:
Image Management & Raw Workflow 

When: 5 - 2 hour sessions; Thursdays, 7:00-9ish PM; Jan 22 thru Feb 19, 2015

Cost: $150/person

Where: Dudas’ Diving Duds (near West Chester –  Map and Directions)

Max Number of Participants: 10
Minimum number of Participants: 4

To register, please contact Steve Fredrick via e-mail or phone (610-513-8936). Your seat will be held for 7 days with an e-mail or phone call. If payment is not received within 7 days, your reservation will be canceled. Full refunds will be given if you cancel two weeks ahead of the class date. No refunds will be given for cancellations by participants within two weeks of the tour. A full refund will be made if the tour is canceled due to low enrollment.

Instructors: Steve is a very enthusiastic teacher with many years experience as an advanced amateur and professional photographer. He primary interests in photography span fine art landscape and wildlife. Steve teaches a Digital SLR Essentials class as well as Landscape and Macro photography classes for the Chester County Night School. 

More on Steve's credentials can be found here.

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