Steve Fredrick Photography

Beachscapes & Wildflowers
Bethany Beach, DE

May 1-3, 2015

Springtime is a time of the year filled with wonder. The changing weather patterns create the conditions for dynamic light. The forests are starting to come back to life after the long winter. Join us as we explore the southern Delaware beaches and bays for early morning and late afternoon beachscapes. Additionally we will be spending late mornings shooting woodland wildflowers.  Early afternoons are for working with images and critique sessions.

Dune fence Goldenrod on Dune at Sunrise Lookout Tower at Sunrise
Pink Flowers Chicory Cape Henlopen Blinker

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself into photography and the making of images with minimal distractions. We will be concentrating on landscape (beachscape) and wildflower photography. We designed this workshop to maximize the time you are out in the field shooting. Hands on, in the field instruction and guidance is a great way to quickly improve upon the images you make. All instruction will be personalized to the needs of each student. We can assist you with composition, technical questions, use of filters, how to get the sharpest image possible, and as well as the range of decisions you need to make to create a photograph that reflects your own artistic vision. Plenty of time during the afternoons will be provided for critique of the images that you make during the workshop. Click for more details.

Pink Lady Slipper Henlopen Lighthouse Yellow Violet

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